About Me

Mahdi Karabiben

Hi there 👋 I'm a data engineer based in Paris. I'm very passionate about open-source projects and enjoy building data pipelines, datalakes, and data services - basically, I enjoy working with data and designing scalable solutions.

My Career


Designing, implementing and maintaining cloud-based data lakes, data pipelines, and ML Ops pipelines.

Apr. 2020 - Present
Data Engineer

Crédit Agricole CIB

Worked as a consultant with CA-CIB's data teams on implementing a Big Data architecture for the FRTB regulations. The project consisted of building a Hadoop data lake to store all of the bank's markets risk data.

Dec. 2018 - Apr. 2020
Big Data Consultant


Worked at Numberly (1000mercis group) as a data engineer for my end-of-studies project. The project consisted of building data pipelines for a Big Data architecture using Apache Spark (PySpark), Apache Airflow, and Apache Zeppelin. The data was mainly stored on MSSQL and Apache Hive (on top of Apache Hadoop).

Jan. 2018 - Jul. 2018
Big Data Developer

Democracy International

Worked at Democracy International on a campaign to deliver useful information to Tunisian voters to motivate them to participate in the country's upcoming municipal elections. Turned the data provided by Tunisian ministries and associations into interactive visualizations that helped voters get a better understanding of their municipalities' data.

May. 2017 - Jan. 2018
Data Visualization Specialist

My Skills

My Projects

Setting Up a Big Data Pipeline

Revamped the data architecture of the product EmailAttitude through the implementation of a Big Data pipeline using Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, and Apache Zeppelin.

Celer, a traffic and navigation app

Conceived and implemented a three-layer data architecture (Lambda Architecture) for a traffic and navigation Android app.

An engine that generates notebook-based dynamic dashboards

Built a python-based engine that generates dynamic dashboards via a search page.

...   ...

Visualizing Electoral Data

Created a set of data visualizations for the 2018 tunisian municipal elections.

...   ...

An interactive dashboard to visualize the impact of natural disasters

Participated in designing and implementing an interactive dashboard that showcases the human and financial impacts of various types of disasters on the world. The dashboard was built in collaboration with the World Bank and is intended to be used by the World Bank's analysts.

...   ...

Monumental 3D Projection Mapping

Participated in the different phases of conceiving and creating a monumental 3D projection mapping during the 10th edition of the JAM SESSION, an event organized at INSAT by Ciné-Radio INSAT. Tools used are Blender, Resolume Arena 5, and Adobe After Effects.